General Info

The Cheviot Hills and South LA Harvest Festival are kid friendly events. Come out to the park for wholesome activities perfectly made for family and friends.

Kid Friendly Activities during the Harvest Festivals

The Hay Ride is one of the highlights of our festivals. This ride is perfect for families, couples and individuals. The incredible views of the park from a hay ride will give you a relaxing and enjoyable day.  So, sit down and relax while you ride our pumpkin patch. After riding, let your kids try our face painting activity. They can have different designs. It doesn’t matter what design your kids want. Let them enjoy having their faces painted with different colors.

Face Painting
Face Painting

We also provide bounce houses for kids of all ages. They’ll surely enjoy jumping as high as they can. After trying our bounce houses, your kids will be hungry and ask for some food. You and your little ones will get to enjoy seasonal treats that will surely delight your taste buds. Of course, our kid-friendly activities wouldn’t be complete without the hay maze. This year, maze goers will be entertained with bigger and better hay maze. But your kids aren’t the only ones who’ll enjoy it. In fact, most adults love to try out our challenging hay maze as it’s worth of fun. This is surely a perfect experience for you and your family, i.e. if you’re truly hungry for fun. We really hope to see you get lost in so much excitement.

Harvest Festival

To make sure that you won’t miss this once-a-year event, mark your calendars on October 23 to 25 for Cheviot Hills, November 7 to 8 for South LA. The festival will be held in Rancho Park. For more information, please contact our event organizers through: 310-473-3070